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Vietka (Belarusian: Ветка, Polish: Wetka, Polish: Ветка Vetka) is a small, historical town in Belarus, situated on the bank of the Sozh River. It is the principal centre in Vietka Rajon in Gomel Region. It was established in 1685 by the Old Believer Priest Group (a branch of the Orthodox Christian Church)) who were known as the Theodesians and who had migrated from Central Russia. At the time it was founded, Vetka was on Lithuanian territory. The town's prosperity brought on the wrath of the Russian Empire and as result, it was gutted twice (1735 and 1764) by the Tsarist army in the 18th century. Vetka, on the left bank of the Sozh River, is located in an area which was highly radioactive due to the nuclear fallout of the Chernobyl disaster that occurred on April 26, 1986.
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  • int_name: Vietka


  • country: BY
  • region: Гомельская область
  • district: Ветковский район

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Distance (km) ~ 11.622
igorzabotin (flickr) All Rights Reserved, 29-07-2016
Distance (km) ~ 11.706
Tina Bo (flickr) All Rights Reserved, 23-05-2013
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Distance (km) ~ 15.253
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Places nearby

~0.077 км Place of worship - Церковь ЕХБ
~0.222 км Place of worship -
~0.23 км Post office - Ветковский РУЭС
~0.285 км Bar - Бар "Юность"
~0.329 км pitch -
~0.356 км School - СШ-1
~0.361 км community_centre - Дом культуры городской
~0.369 км Cinema - Дом культуры
~0.381 км pitch -
~0.384 км Hotel - Золотое кольцо
~0.391 км Do-it-yourself - Хозмаг
~0.409 км pitch -
~0.41 км stadium - Городской стадион
~0.428 км Parking -
~0.43 км administrative - Районный центр гигиены и эпидемиологии
~0.458 км Restaurant - Расторан "Сож"
~0.461 км Fountain -
~0.465 км Market - Городской рынок
~0.472 км Bank - Белагропромбанк
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